Khai Nguyen currently has 200 employees working at the company. Most have graduated from universities and colleges and attended the company’s full training courses..

With practical experience, regular friction combined with the cultivation and skill training, all employees of Khai Nguyen have extensive and deep knowledge in the company’s business field.

Khai Nguyen has a suitable and scientific organizational structure, ensuring close and effective coordination between functional departments in the Company.

The function of each part is clearly planned, clearly.

Management and administration are carried out scientifically, closely according to the interactive two-way information model, allowing the highest order to follow the shortest path to all employees..

I always put efficiency first. The objectives and plans are written and must be implemented in accordance with the required time..

Khai Nguyen considers each member of the Company to be an organic part that does not tear and always put trust, creating conditions for each member to contribute and promote their full potential for the overall development of the Company..

Khai Nguyen appreciates and appreciates the efforts and contributions of each member to the Company and shares the satisfactory benefits for such contributions..