Khai Nguyen Trading Co., Ltd. (formerly Khai Nguyen Wood And Fine Arts Co., Ltd.) was established in Ho Chi Minh City in 1995.

Khai Nguyen’s original business line was the production of wood art for export.

In 1999, Khai Nguyen decided to switch to commercial business. The selected products are screw bolts for mechanical engineering, machine building, shipbuilding, construction.

The business model is defined as distribution..

Decision on business transformation, product selection and business model based on the following comments and conditions:

  • The industry in Vietnam is on the rise..
  • The demand for materials and equipment for the industry including bolts is constantly increasing while the domestic supply is very limited..
  • Taiwan is the world’s largest bolt manufacturer..
  • Khai Nguyen has close ties with many taiwanese-caliber screw bolt manufacturers.

Over 20 years of continuous development, Khai Nguyen has become a reliable partner of thousands of businesses across the country and ranks among the leading professional screw bolt suppliers in Vietnam..


Access home using bolts, screws

  • Selection of strong, potential enterprises, operating in the field of mechanical engineering, machine building, shipbuilding, construction.
  • Approaching, determining the needs of using bolts, screws of businesses.
  • Develop a plan to supply products to businesses.

Supply development

  • Selection of leading screw bolt manufacturers at home and abroad.
  • Approaching, determining the supply capacity of manufacturers.
  • Develop cooperation plans, buy from manufacturers.

Building a reserve

  • Balance of supply and demand.
  • Build a reserve warehouse to meet the needs of customers in a timely manner.

Building sales channels and serving customers

  • Select key areas to open branches, set up warehouses.
  • Make customer lists in each area, develop sales plans and customer care.
  • Build a customer service information channel.

Human resource development

  • Build a detailed job description to each work position.
  • Recruitment, training and development of human resources to ensure professionalism.